Good news Touché Amoré fans! After something new was hinted at in February, the band have finally announced the follow-up to 2013's Is Survived By

Stage Four, Touché Amoré's forthcoming album, will release September 16 via Epitaph Records. Check out the tracklisting below, and listen to a new song, “Palm Dreams,” here at NPR!

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That NPR article discusses the double meaning behind the new album's name. For one, Stage Four will be the band's fourth album, but also chronicles frontman Jeremy Bolm's experience of losing his mom to cancer while on tour in October 2014.

“I don’t open up to people too much in regular life, but when I’m writing songs, I want to be as open and as honest as possible,” Bolm says.

“When you lose someone, you also lose their side of the story,” Bolm tells NPR. “'Palm Dreams' was written around the realization that I never had a full understanding why my mother moved from Nebraska to California in the '70s. I assume that because she was from a small town, her eyes were wide with the concept of Hollywood. I'm sure someone else in my family could tell me, but it wouldn't be her answer. If this song inspires anyone to ask the questions they've never asked their loved ones, I'd call it a success.”

Stage Four was recorded early this year in Studio City, CA with producer Brad Wood. Preorders are available now.

1. Flowers and You
2. New Halloween
3. Rapture
4. Displacement
5. Benediction
6. Eight Seconds
7. Palm Dreams
8. Softer Spoken
9. Posing Holy
10. Water Damage
11. Skyscraper (featuring Julien Baker)

[Header photo credit: Christian Cordon]

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