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Trapt threaten the entire Sumerian Records roster and start beef with Ice-T

April 14, 2020
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The Trapt saga on social media seems to keep picking up wind over a month since their social media account started going on ridiculous rants against seemingly every metalcore band in existence on top of actors and others, and today Ice-T is being dragged into it.

The Trapt Twitter account started a debate with a few people over whether or not artists on Sumerian Records have sold more albums than the band and after calling out Body Count, Ice-T is responding to Trapt.

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Today’s ranting began when Trapt vocalist Chris Taylor Brown got pissy about a joke vocal cover Born Of Osiris made of Trapt’s only notable song, “Headstrong.”

A series of now-deleted tweets saw the Trapt vocalist trying to act hard telling Sumerian to “get your best bands and arm them” because “blood will be spilled.” Apparently, the vocalist thinks someone at Sumerian was threatening his life. Take a look at the screenshots below which came after a lengthy back and forth.

One of the Trapt parody accounts joined in causing some confusion amongst those involved for a moment and the official account went back to vague threats against Sumerian.

In the thread, many people were highlighting that Sumerian’s artist roster, which includes the likes of Periphery, Born Of Osiris, Asking AlexandriaVeil Of Maya, Body Count and many others, sell a lot more records and tickets to shows than Trapt.

This got Trapt responding once again as he claimed every band on the label is bad.

At the very least, Chris Taylor Brown can recognize Ice-T’s incredible acting skills.

Then, as per usual, he started talking about Trapt’s streaming numbers.

The Trapt frontman sure does love using Pandora as his benchmark for showing how well they’re doing and no knock to Pandora users, but it’s very clearly not the go to streaming service for most people. Still, that doesn’t create an excuse for not understanding how basic addition works.

After the debate went on for a while with Ice-T being tagged a few times, he responded with a pretty blunt message.

The Trapt vocalist is Tweeting about Ice-T’s response highlighting that he praised his acting skills while still doubling down into saying nasty things about whoever gets dragged into their mess.

Elsewhere in the mess of tweets Chris Taylor Brown posted today, you can see him say some dumb things about metalcore, claim his bad singing is actually really good and use Down Syndrome in a derogatory way.

What do you think of Ice-T’s response to Trapt? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Joe Smith-Engelhardt