travis barker, the masked singer

We may still be a day away from Thanksgiving, but many have been in full holiday spirit since the day after Halloween. With said holidays quickly approaching, so is the possibility of new tunes and blink-182 may be among them.

Travis Barker posted a photo of his kit with drumsticks set across them. The drummer then added the simple caption, “currently recording Christmas music” with a Christmas tree emoji.

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christmas travis barker
[Photo via Instagram/travisbarker]

Barker tagged musician and producer John Feldmann in his post. Feldmann also posted a Boomerang of Barker on his own account with a simple “the best” and tagged both Barker and blink.

christmas john feldmann
[Photo via Instagram/johnfeldy]

Neither of them have explicitly stated Barker is drumming for a blink Christmas track, so only time will tell if that’s what’s happening.

blink have released several Christmas-related songs previously. Among them was a twist on a classic title with “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas,” which was first recorded in 1997 and re-released on the 2003 comp A Santa Cause: It’s a Punk Rock Christmas.

The trio also released “Happy Holidays, You Bastard,” which appears on 2001’s Take Off Your Pants And Jacket.

The great blink-182 debate

How do you say blink-182’s band name? While we always figured a simple “blink one-eighty-two” was correct, it seems those across the pond often pronounce the act’s digits as “one-eight-two.” But, wait, that’s not the end of this pickle! Because earlier this week, television’s James Corden is dropping in with his own baffling blink band name verbalization.

Indeed, the late-night talk show host has stopped singing in a car long enough to give us his perplexing take on how to properly articulate the band’s name. “They should technically be called Blink one hundred and eight two,” offers Corden on Twitter, affecting a pedantic poise that conjures in the mind some sort of pop-punk Neil deGrasse Tyson.

And beyond all this overscrupulous deliberation about a musical group’s moniker, the band’s own Mark Hoppus reminds us we’re losing sight of the most important aspect of blink’s band name. The “B” should always be lowercase!

That wasn’t the end of it either as former blink vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge tossed in his two cents.

What do you think of the possibility of a new blink-182 (regardless of how you say it) Christmas song? Sound off in the comments below!