Travis Barker’s #GiveTheDrummerSome residency at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas is a great way for fans to get up close and personal with the Blink-182 drummer. During his show this past Saturday, however, Barker came down with a 104 degree fever, which paramedics responded to by strongly encouraging him to go to a hospital immediately. His response? “I'm playing till I either pass out, throw up or die.”

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In true punk-rock fashion, Barker fought through the illness and finished the entire set. You can read a brief message from the champ himself below.

“Thanks to everybody that came to Hyde Bellagio this past Saturday for the show and sound check. I had a 104 temp and was severely nauseous and dizzy. The paramedics demanded I not play and go to the hospital asap. I said I'm playing till I either pass out, throw up or die. Met so many of you guys at sound check that came from Mexico, Australia, etc. and there was no way I was gonna let you guys down. I got thru my entire set and I appreciate all the love.”