[Photo by: Travis Barker/YouTube]

Just in time for Halloween, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has teamed up with fellow drummer extraordinaire Ralph Nader (no, not that one) for a chilling new music clip. 

The track, or “Drum Purge,” as Barker calls it, is a collaboration between drumming savant Nader and Barker, featuring the pair dressed identically, wearing masks that look as though they were pulled straight from The Purge film series, where there’s one night a year when all crime is legal. The entire video is themed around the movies, with a sinister beginning leading up to the pair's drumming, which just might blow you away. 

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There’s an eerie glow to their eyes, and the blood on their shirts makes for some pretty creepy ambiance as well. What’s really creepy, however, is how in sync both of them are while drumming. It’s seriously amazing, to be honest, watching them never so swiftly and in time together. These are what we talk about when we say #DrummerGoals. 

Ralph Nader is one half of the entertainment and performing arts duo BYOS, who create massively entertaining clips using drumming and other tricks that catch the eye. There's a whole YouTube channel's worth of clips showcasing the duo's talents, and if you love music and drumming, you'll find something to love there. 

This isn’t the first time Travis and Ralph have drummed together, as you can see in the “TB lick” clip below, taken during a moment backstage at a Blink-182 concert. 

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