[Photos by: HBO/Instagram, John Crawford]

Attentive viewers did a double take when watching the latest Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Is that… was it… Is that who I think it is? Yup, it seems a cross section of Curb fans and Nine Inch Nails listeners are convinced that Trent Reznor made a cameo as a statue on the new episode of the comedy series.

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That's right, a statue! The theory first popped up on Reddit that a living statue on the episode—briefly shown as Larry David accompanies his date (played by Lauren Graham) and her son to an outdoor shopping mall—was actually portrayed by the NIN frontman himself. Pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Is it true? Was Reznor really the Curb statue? According to Stereogum, that very well may be the case! In 2009, Reznor made an April Fools' Day album cover for a fake NIN release called Strobe Light. On the faux LP art, the musician is seen wearing the same shutter shades as those donned by the Curb statue.

Coincidence? We think not!

Is this silver statue actually Reznor? What do you think?

Take a look:

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