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Some might say we watch The Office too much, but is that even possible? Well, the answer is up to you.

AT&T just shared a nifty new tool that can show you how many hours, minutes, days… and months… you've spent streaming your favorite shows. Let's just say, it adds up quickly.

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AT&T looked at some of the most popular TV shows today—including The Office, Friends, Riverdale, How I Met Your Mother and more—and figured out just how much data it would take to watch them.

Of course, the most shocking information is realizing how many days—yes, days—we spent bingeing our favorite shows.

Take a look at some of the numbers below, most notably, the massive number of days it takes to watch all 18 seasons of Law & Order: SVU: A whopping 46.8.

[Photo by: AT&T]

And if you watch any of these shows on repeat? Just keep adding 'em up!

Plus, they have a nifty interactive tool that'll let you add up all your streaming habits into one, concise list. Just click “calculate binge” and prepare to cringe.

calculate streaming AT&T
[Photo by: AT&T]

You can use their calculator here—prepare to be amazed.

What shows do you find most binge-worthy? Let us know in the comments below!