twenty one pilots
[Screenshot via twenty one pilots/YouTube]

It looks like twenty one pilots drummer Josh Dun celebrated a birthday in Ukraine! It happened while filming the Trench trilogy of music videos for the band’s new album, as shown in the new behind-the-scenes clip for “Levitate.”

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“This has been very cool and awesome to work with all of you guys,” Dun says to the crew amid an impromptu birthday party. “And crazy to be in Ukraine to shoot a music video on my birthday. So thanks for making it awesome.”

No tales of Ukranian high school or Icelandic moss were dissected by the TØP percussionist this time around, however. Instead, Dun spends some time talking about his home time zone while steeped in exotic nighttime shooting locales.

“Most of the shoots were overnight,” he says. “Because that’s during the day back in the States, you don’t really have to adjust too much. You don’t have to really worry about jet leg all that much. And when you get back, you’re fine.”

But Dun’s speech is playfully interrupted by the actor who plays the hooded figure astride a horse in “Jumpsuit,” and that’s the new “Beyond the Video” clip for “Levitate,” which is what you see here today. Sound off in the comments.

Oh yeah, and Trench is out Oct. 5.

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