After teaming up for the first North American leg of the Emotional Roadshow tour earlier this year, AP cover stars Twenty One Pilots and Mutemath are set to reimagine five tracks for fans for free tonight, Dec. 19.

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The two bands are set to feature these tracks in a 25-minute presentation tonight at 6 p.m. EST, with both the presentation and download of the tracks to be free for fans.

After finishing up the first leg of the Emotional Roadshow tour, each member of Mutemath shared open notes and letters to TOP with their thoughts on the surreal experience.

“The tour itself exceeded all expectations,” Mutemath’s Paul Meany said in his post. “Chef’Special were a brilliant addition to the show and instantly became our brothers in the art as well. The TØP crew was one of the most finely tuned operations I have ever witnessed with an unbelievable task list to pull off for this unprecedented show from night to night. They executed it with precision and pride knowing they were just as vital to the show’s success as Tyler and Josh.”

We caught the Emotional Roadshow in Cleveland, Ohio and captured Twenty One Pilots, Mutemath and Chef'Special performing a medley of covers—check it out below!

How excited are you to see the bands perform these songs together? Let us know in the comments!

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