Hayley Williams and Josh Dun are no strangers to hair dye, and they've even embraced their colorful looks together before.

Today, Williams' own brand of hair dye added Dun as the latest goodDYEyoung ambassador.

Dun and Good Dye Young also released a video commemorating the announcement, in which he states the endorsement “made so much sense.” You can watch it below!

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Dun went on to say say he feels “honored, especially coming from Hayley believing in her vision, and how hard she works too.”

After having used the product in the past and really enjoying it, he joked that he almost felt “forced to talk about it because of how good it is.”

Dun also had a positive outlook on the future of hair dye, noting that he believes the “culture of hair dye is growing and becoming more accepted.”

Best of all, Dun concluded by saying he feels a special “unity” with fans around the world who also sport colorful locks. “[It's] super cool to share that connection,” he says 

Congratulations to both Dun and Williams on having the Twenty One Pilots drummer join the goodDYEyoung team!

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