It looks like Josh Dun went to see fellow musician Brendon Urie in a recent performance of Kinky Boots, but that isn't the only thing that has the Clique freaking out.

Check out the most recent Twenty One Pilots mystery below!

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Josh Dun was spotted at the Kinky Boots performance wearing a cap, but something was different. It didn't take long for pictures to hit the internet and after the realization sank in, the question began to surface:

Did Josh Dun buzz his hair?!

The internet quickly exploded with questions and comments from fans and we have to admit, some of them are hilarious.

[Photo by: Ryan Prater, @ghostbrunch]

Fans began flooding the drummer's Twitter and Instagram, which he's been MIA from for almost two months now, asking him to remove his hat. Josh Dun ended up replying on one of Frank Zummo's instagram posts, letting the Clique know he's fully aware of everything they're posting, but offering little relief to the plaguing question.

Did the Twenty One Pilots' drummer actually shave his head? 

We wish we did, Lauren. 

Do you think Josh Dun buzzed his hair? Let us know your predictions in the comments below!

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