Twitter “dark mode” option just got even more emo

We can’t say we’re mad about this new feature.

March 28, 2019
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Twitter might not listen when we ask for an edit button, but they sure do know how to win over our cold emo hearts with their new “dark mode” feature.

Previously, Twitter users were able to turn on a “dark mode,” previously known as “night mode,” to darken the background of their feed.

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Now, it’s even darker with a completely black background that’s not only good for aesthetic purposes, but it saves battery life too. When the phone has a black background, only the other color pixels are light up. Less pixels being lit results in less energy being used by the phone in general.

The company announced the new update on their Twitter account.

The update is currently only available for iOS users. To activate it, just head to the display section under settings, switch on “dark mode” and never look back.

In case you want to make your phone as emo as possible, here’s how to enable “dark mode” on your iPhone or Android and also on Facebook Messenger.

In other news, a recent Twitter prank ended up getting some users locked out of their accounts. he trick involves getting the Twitter user to change their birth date to 2007 in order to “unlock new color schemes” for their timeline. However, there weren’t any new color schemes. People who fell for it ended up getting locked out for being under the age of 13.

Twitter even ending up issuing a warning about the gag and ruined the joke for those spreading the rumor.

Those that have been locked out of their accounts are asked to follow the instructions sent to their emails following the change in order to get back into their accounts.

What do you think of Twitter’s new dark mode? Sound off in the comments below!

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Written by Alex Darus