After an incredible night at the 2015 APMAs—winning Artist Of The Year and performing with PVRIS—Issues frontman Tyler Carter has shared a special message with AP, speaking on his newfound sobriety. Read Carter's exclusive statement below:

“You guys may not know, but I haven't had a drink in over a month. It's not that I felt like I had a problem when I drink—it's just that I feel compelled to change my habits. Yesterday at the APMA's was my first non-drunk performance since Issues career started. I can't say I was very sober in my touring endeavors before that either, but it feels really good to be healthy, lose weight and feel happy. Tackling anxiety with love and music and feeling peaceful, my skin is glowing, and I love you all. I did this for me.”

[Top photo by Grizzlee Martin]

Watch Carter’s sober performance with PVRIS below: