In more ways than one, 2014 was a big year for Issues. From releasing their debut full-length album (and having it debut at No. 9 on the Billboard Top 200 chart) to an incessant touring schedule that even included an onstage appearance with Linkin Park. Nonetheless, despite having arguably the biggest year of their career in 2014, the boys in Issues have no plans of slowing down any time soon.

On January 23, the band will begin the writing and pre-production process for their sophomore studio album. For more on that, as well as resolutions from each member, read below.

“Hooligans! We are starting the new year and starting to ponder our next album cycle. We are super excited to tell you that starting Jan 23 we will be writing and pre-producing our second full length album. This means that these months off from touring will not just be about relaxation and reconnecting with our lives. We will be busting our asses to write songs that will not only be impacting but that hopefully will be a step higher for us; a groundbreaking and innovative take on our tastes and talents. We all wanted to share with you our plans for 2015 in a set of goals and resolutions for the new year.”

“In 2015 I want to become more valuable in other aspects of our music, not just singing. Writing and playing. I want to be more limitless. I also want to practice more with acting.” -Tyler @tylercarter4l

“I want 2015 to be the year I refocus and recharge spiritually, as well the year I follow through with releasing as much of the personal, sketchy music I've been sitting on as possible.” -Sky @skyduck64

“In 2015 I want to learn more about playing jazz, it's a genre I've never tried to tackle before. Also I wanna stop being 10 minutes late to everything.”
 -Josh @joshmanuel

“I'm gonna focus more on my long term goals and become a harder and faster worker.” -Scout @_scoutLA

“In 2015 I want to expand my knowledge of music theory and work on becoming not only a better guitarist, but a better musician as a whole. Also want to work on having a more positive outlook on things.” -AJ @ajfordays

“I'd like to be more versatile with my vocals and learn different a styles of screaming and singing. Also, I'd like to be more in shape and have a solid stamina for stage.” -Michael @therettes

Additionally, the band have announced that Tyler “Scout” Acord will not be touring with them in 2015. In short, he simply wants to focus on other musical endeavors outside of Issues. Despite not being on the road, he will still be involved in the writing and recording process for the band's new album. His official statement is as follows:

“It's my duty to inform you that come 2015, I will not be touring with Issues. This decision has come from a very deep place in my heart, and was in no way an easy one to make. The reasons are simply because I want to be able focus on other things musically. Touring as keys and turntables in a band is fun but isn't what I want to be doing with my career. I have a passion for music production and drums and want to see how far I can take them. However, I will still play the same roll I've always had in the studio with Issues, helping to write and co produce the record. So cry not! I want to personally thank any one who has ever supported me and the band in any way; both the fans that came to the shows and the parents that took them. See you in 2015!”

Vocalist Tyler Carter also weighed in on Scout's impending touring absence, saying:

“When I met Scout, he was sitting at a big screen in the Atlantic Studio B in Hollywood. We wrote some amazing things back at that place, and though I knew from day one that he was going to be my partner in music, follow me wherever I go, I knew that it was only a matter of time before he would be longing to go back in the lab where it all started. This dude is my best friend, and he's one of the most talanted and charismatically innovative people I've ever known, I think he see's the same in me and that's why we've been able to do so much with this music. However, I know he has dreams, and no one should ever put their original aspirations in a box forever. He's gotta get back to making beats, get that deal, get those placements. But this only means that the future of Issues could be a lot brighter than expected, because now my boy can really develop his sound more, and as we remember Issues' started with the development of Scout combined with metalcore, combined with pop. Now that he has time to build himself as a producer, this only means the enhancement of the original formula you all grew to love. I love you brother, and I'm stoked for the future.”

Are you excited to see what Issues have in store for 2015? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!