[Photo by: TJ Jones/Twitter]

Uber driver TJ Jones has a playlist to match every type of passenger, and people are obsessed with it.

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Jones explains on Twitter he recently started driving for Uber and Lyft, and he has been getting compliments on his music selection.

He created 11 playlists based on different types of people and picks one based on the music he thinks each passenger likes. Jones' playlists have hilarious titles, such as “heady bros,” “quiet ppl,” “basic 20-30s” and “white dudes who look like they like rap.”

People love it so much they have been asking him to pick playlists for them. However, he confessed that because it's all based on first impressions, he sometimes makes some wrong assumptions.

Even though there's no sign of the band on his passenger playlists, someone couldn't help to notice he's a fan of Fall Out Boy, too. Jones' “best of the best” playlist is filled with FOB songs, and we're here for it.

The band also approved it, urging everyone to give him five stars:

You can check all his playlists here. (And, if you dig a little bit, you'll find a ton of scene bands he listens to!)

Which one do you think he'd pick for you? Let us know in the comments!

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