Underoath appear to be up to something, and it looks like we might be on the verge of hearing new music very soon. The band’s social media headers have all changed to a blank green image, and Reddit users have already started piecing together clues.

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Speculation started yesterday, Feb. 20, when Reddit user, u/nicksmizzle, posted that he received a mysterious CD in the mail, reportedly from Fearless Records. The white CD simply has  “ERASE ME” written in black marker, and below it features a website url www.eraseme.io. On the CD is an audio clip titled “No Frame” that lasts about 35 seconds and sounds like a tense electronic soundtrack to dystopia.


The website features the same audio teaser and text that also reads “ERASE ME.” When you hold down your cursor (or finger, if you’re on a mobile device) and move it, it erases the text to reveal a countdown ending tomorrow at 4 p.m. EST. As seen above, the user also points out that when you dig into the source code of the website, the domain is registered to Fearless Records. 

To add to the hype, today, random fans received a text message from [email protected] featuring a message that materializes to say “ERASE ME” and a second message featuring the same audio clip. 

Also sighted was a billboard on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, featuring ERASE ME (in the same font fans have pointed out is used on Underoath’s twitter header image and website), along with an image of a stone angel.  

erase me billboard

There are also reportedly posters with the website popping up around New York City. 

On top of that, band members are posting the same cryptic image on Instagram.


It has tø start sømewhere. Everything is nøw new.

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What. Do. You. Believe?

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So after years of waiting, will we finally hear new music from UØ? We don’t know about you, but we’ve cleared our schedules. 

If the countdown does lead us to a new song, it will be the first new Underoath music since 2013 (when two previously unreleased tracks, “Sunburnt” and “Unsound,” surfaced on the Anthology 1999-2013 LP). 

In March 2016, Underoath performed their first show in nearly three years following their disbanding in 2013. For original drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie, it was his first time onstage with the band in seven years.

Their last studio release was 2010’s Ø Disambiguation, which was their only release without Gillespie behind the drum kit. 

In the past few years, fans of the metalcore masters have had a lot to rejoice over. In 2016, the band reconvened for their Rebirth tour, with stops at Self-Help Festival and that year’s APMAs when frontman Spencer Chamberlain and Gillespie joined Beartooth for a version of “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door.” 

It definitely appears we may very soon have something new to rejoice over. Who else is keeping this countdown window open while they listen to the audio clip on repeat?

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