Underoath keyboardist Chris Dudley has posted an entry to explain his absence from the band's current UK tour.  He goes on to reassure fans he'll return for the upcoming Japan and Australian tours.

“Hello all, I'm taking a moment here to let you all know that due to family situations I am currently having, I will not be going on our upcoming tour of the UK and Europe.  I know “family situations” is rather vague, but the long short of it is that me and my wife recently welcomed our 2nd daughter into the world. Her due date was drastically close to the beginning of this tour, so in talking to the rest of the dudes about it I decided that I need to sit this tour out to be at home with my family. With my wife recovering, my daughter not even out of the hospital yet and our 2 year old at home, it was the decision that had to be made.”