A handful of unreleased Nirvana recordings have surfaced after a fan purchased an original recording reel of the band’s Pachyderm Sessions. The track listing, according to Alternative Nation, contains two versions of “Dumb,” three versions of “Marigold” and two previously unheard tracks. 

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Of the two “new” songs, one is rumored to solely feature Dave Grohl, while the other, titled “Lullaby,” sounds like mess-around track. It is being speculated that the latter features frontman Kurt Cobain on drums, but that remains unconfirmed. Stream each of them below and let us know your thoughts.

“Dave Solo”

“Lullaby” (Instrumental) * Kurt on Drums?

Pachyderm Sessions track listing:

1. Dumb
2. Dumb (Instrumental)
3. Dave Solo
4. Marigold (Instrumental) * Kurt on Drums?
5. Marigold (Instrumental)
6. Marigold (with Cello)
7. Lullaby (Instrumental) * Kurt on Drums?