VHS Tapes, Urban Outfitters
[Photo by: Chris Lawton/Unsplash]

The overpriced hipster monopoly is at it again. Urban Outfitters have revealed that they are now selling used VHS tapes in packs of five for $40.

However, the weird cash grab doesn’t stop there — You don’t even get to pick the movies you want. The films are marketed as a “Mystery VHS Pack,” meaning you will get five random movies within a certain genre.   

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Each pack contains movies classified as either horror, ‘90s comedy, ‘00s rom-com, sci-fi or ‘80s romance.

However, Urban Outfitters “assures” buyers that only the best-tier VHS tapes will make it into their Mystery VHS Packs. The product’s description reads:

“Set of 5 iconic, assorted ‘90s comedy flicks on VHS tape, curated by Studiohouse Designs exclusively for Urban Outfitters. Each set is unique, iconic and will vary from what is pictured here. Don’t worry – there are no duds in this batch!”

In the sample photos, titles range from The Shining, to American Beauty. In between, you will see flicks such as Bring It On and Dirty Dancing.

However, according to ScreenCrush, you can actually buy the sample tapes shown in those photos for a fraction of the cost elsewhere. In fact, their math reveals that you can buy these tapes for about 50 percent of the price tag on eBay — and at that point, you can actually choose which tapes you get.

However, our guess is you can find the majority of these tapes collecting dust at your local Goodwill for even less.

That said, if you really want to purchase a Mystery VHS Pack for yourself, you can do so here.

What do you think about Urban Outfitters’ latest listing? Sound off in the comments below.

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