[Photo by: urbandecaycosmetics/Instagram]

Urban Decay are introducing a different take on colored mascara with their Double Team Special Effect Colored mascara—and let's just stay, the results are pretty incredible.

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The Double Team consists of a cream shade and metallic shade, with the cream delivering the intense color and the metallic providing “multidimensional sparkle.” It's high impact and super simple, meaning we're sure to be hooked.

To get that maximum impact, simply apply the color side first, with the metallic shade on top. There are five Double Team Special Effect Colored mascara duo shades available, with four of the duos featuring a bold cream shade on one side and a matching metallic topcoat on the other. The other (Dime/Goldmine) has two metallic topcoats in one tube (silver and gold).

Check out the shades—Junkshow, Gonzo, Deep End, Vice and Dime/Goldmine—below!

They're currently available for preorder here.

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