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Vanessa Morgan vows to deny acting roles misrepresenting black people

June 4, 2020
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Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan is saying she is no longer accepting acting roles that don’t properly represent the black community.

The announcement comes after Morgan called attention to Riverdale producers’ involvement in mistreating black actors.

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Earlier this week, Vanessa Morgan took to her social media showing her support for the Black Lives Matter movement while criticizing the film world’s role in perpetuating stereotypes and minimizing black people’s time on screen. She also highlighted the pay discrepancies among the Riverdale cast.

Now, she’s standing strong on her sentiment by making it her purpose to show black people on television in a better light.

“To my black fans, I have now made it my purpose to fight for us. To the six year old me who had no role model that looked like me on TV. This is for you. We aren’t your token black non dimensional characters. This is being black in Hollywood. I will fight for YOU,” she writes on Twitter. “And I will no longer take roles that don’t properly represent us. PERIOD.”

Her fellow cast members have also highlighted their issues with Riverdale in regards to representation of the black community.

Asha Bromfield who played Melody Jones brought up the issues regarding the Pussycats, the all-black female musical group on the show.

Ashleigh Murray who currently plays the Pussycats’ Josie McCoy on the Riverdale spinoff series Katy Keene (starring Lucy Hale) also spoke out about how she’s been treated. She is hoping that as more actors speak out, equal treatment will start to happen.

Morgan pointed out her cast members are on her side too after some criticized them and they also spoke out supporting her.

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Written by Joe Smith-Engelhardt