2016 marks Vans' 50th anniversary. To celebrate, the iconic brand has launched its Spring 2016 collection, covered with classic checkerboard print over a slurry of footwear and accessories. The retro motif commemorates the brand's creative spirit embedded in Southern California’s youth culture and Vans' grassroots design contests. The print gained attention when Sean Penn donned a pair of black and white checkerboard slip-ons in the nostalgic 1980s film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

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“Vans are a natural canvas and in the late ‘70s we started seeing Vans fans sketch all over their shoes,” says Vans Vice President of Events and son of the founder Steve Van Doren. “Before we knew it, checkerboard was everywhere so we wanted to introduce our own version and make sure it was ‘Off The Wall.’”

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The vibrant colors range from Spruce Yellow and Rhubarb Burgundy to Citadel Blue and Espresso Brown, painted on everything from backpacks and camper hats to high and low top sneakers. Check out the checkerboard collection at Vans retail stores and online here.