(Image source: Hollywood Reporter)

Variety Magazine has settled a long-running lawsuit with legendary punk group the Vandals over the band's parody of the publication's logo on the cover of their 2004 full-length Hollywood Potato Chip. According to this report, Variety has agreed to drop the lawsuit first brought up in 2010, with both sides paying their own legal fees and no cash settlement. 

The case began with a cease and desist letter sent by Variety to the band shortly after the album's 2004 release. The band agreed to change the cover but also agreed to pay $50,000 plus attorneys' fees if the logo ever resurfaced. The lawsuit was filed by Variety's lawyers in 2010 on claims that the Vandals were breaching their agreed upon deal by allowing the cover to appear on both the band's site and the site of their label, Kung Fu Records, breaches the band claimed they weren't behind.