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We've been so excited for the Spiderman spinoff film Venom ever since it was announced back in March, and now it's been revealed that the film slated for an October 2018 release will begin filming in September.

Check out all the details regarding Venom below!

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Information has slowly been trickling out about the Spiderman spinoff film Venom since it's announcement in March including the fact that it might possible be rated R along with not being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but now OmegaUnderground is reporting that production will begin in September in both Atlanta and New York City.

Venom will star Tom Hardy and will be directed by Ruben Fleishcher. Fleishcher also directed some of our favorites including Zombieland and Gangster Squad.

If Venom ends up getting an R rating, it would follow the trend of other superhero films such as Deadpool and Logan which were also rated R. However, the adult rating has also brought success as Logan made over $600 million worldwide while Deadpool made over $700 million worldwide.

The success of Deadpool has also led the film to have both a sequel and a TV show in production.

Sony Pictures announced that Tom Hardy would be playing Eddie Brock in May along with one of the most badass photos of Hardy we've ever seen.

Venom will be released on October 5, 2018. Do you plan on watching? Let us know in the comments!