[Photo by: BFI/YouTube]

We're the first to admit that we love a good horror movie—but even we are having our horror-loving limits tested with Netflix's newest flick, Veronica.

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Earlier this week, Netflix shared the new Spanish horror movie, which tells the story of a girl who “uses an Ouija board in a séance at school and attempts contacting her dead father,” as Bustle explains. But it doesn't just end there… She “begins having demonic experiences and senses an evil force in her family's home, where she has to protect her younger siblings.”

Oh, and it's reportedly based on a true story, as Yahoo! reports.

It has a 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and it also has us freaking the heck out.

Watch the trailer below… And try not to jump out of your seat.

The trailer alone scares the sh*t out of us, and according to the internet, the movie is even more terrifying.

You know what we (might) be watching tonight. (With plenty of popcorn and plenty of screams, of course.)

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