There’s a vinyl record made out of chocolate—and it can actually play music

February 14, 2018
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[Photo by: feminagoradialicious/Instagram]

First, there was the Oreo cookie vinyl. Now a chocolate vinyl record? We're hungry—and hoping to listen to our favorite tunes in the coolest way.

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As Digital Music News reports, French artist Julia Drouhin made a vinyl record out of chocolate—and it can play actual music.

To create the chocolate record, Drouhin told the South China Morning Post that she constructs a mold of the record.

Once the mold is made, the melted chocolate is poured into the mold, refrigerated and ta-da: You have a chocolate vinyl record.

Digital Music News explains that the record can only be played about 10 times. (Because, as chocolate lovers know, chocolate will not last forever…)

And what are you supposed to do once it's worn out? Eat it, of course!

See how it works below:

What song would you hope to hear in chocolate? Sound off below!

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Written by Maggie Dickman