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Voting is awesome, but long lines aren’t. For everyone stuck in long early voting or Election Day lines, there’s an answer for your wait.

Nonprofit organization Pizza To The Polls is delivering free pizzas this election season to polling places with long lines to make your experience a little better. Honestly, what experience with non-pineapple covered pizza isn’t awesome?

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Established in 2016, Pizza To The Polls is easy to use. If you’re trapped in a long voting line, click here to send in social media evidence. Include proof of the line, your polling place address and a phone number or email address.

Once the order rolls in, the organization sends an order to a local pizza shop via the Slice app to send pizza to hungry voters, their kids, volunteers and staff members. They use the app to tip and ensure no voter in line has to sign off on the bill.

When asked if this a partisan organization, they stressed, “Ain’t nothing partisan about trying to make voting less of a drag.”

At the time of publication, their website states the nonprofit sent 740 pizzas to 62 polling places in 23 states for the 2018 election. The numbers are continuously updating as more pizzas are delivered.

Overall, the organization has raised over $83,000 since its conception two years ago. You can fund one or several pizzas by donating to Pizza To The Polls here. Contributions will benefit this election, future elections and even political marches.

This isn’t the only benefit you can receive by going to the polls. The #iVoted initiative is partnering with artists to offer free admission to more than 100 concerts in the U.S. as a way to get people out to vote.

It features shows by Good Charlotte, Like Pacificboygenius, Chase Atlantic and many more. More information can be found here.

Even if you don’t get free pizza or concert tickets, voting is a wonderful experience and a civic duty. Election Day is Nov. 6, but some states are still holding early voting today. If you don’t know where to vote, you can look up your polling location here.