Over the weekend, millions of Americans marched in the name of women's rights all across the country.

The peaceful and staggeringly large gatherings also featured a plethora of protest signs, from those filled with strong statements demanding accountability for the injustices women face, to jeers aimed at President Donald Trump.

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However, in a time when a serious discussion is warranted, there were also plenty of signs that made people smile. At the center of one of those viral photos? Wage War's Seth Blake. 

The Ocala metal group's guitarist was spending the day in New York City, and while stopping for a bite to eat at Chipotle amidst all the commotion, Blake took an opportunity to make a quick joke to lighten the mood.

Even Blake couldn't have predicted how far the post would spread, as dozens of viral internet pages like Men's Humor, Worldstar Hip-Hop, and Tweet Like A Girl displayed Blake's photo with captions like “stand up for what you believe in” and “Dude's out here making a difference.” The photo has been spread around nearly every social media platform, and has likely been viewed by tens of millions all across the internet.

When consulted about how his entire post came to be, Blake told Rockfeed:

“To be honest, it all started as a joke. I was in NYC for the first time this past weekend, and there were obviously all kinds of protests and the women’s march that took place. I actually picked up a sign from the women’s march off the ground that had a blank side. I was eating at chipotle in midtown manhatten where the guac was $2.30 extra. Quite a bit more than it typically is in Florida. So I went to the cashier to ask if I could borrow one of her markers. She let me (having no clue what I was going to write). I proceeded to write, “WHY IS GUAC EXTRA?” on the sign and stood in front of that Chipotle for about 2 or 3 minutes while my girlfriend and her brother took a couple pictures. After seeing how the picture turned out, I thought it would be pretty funny to provide some comic relief for family and friends on social media during a very divided day for our country. Over the course of the next 24hrs the picture completely exploded beyond any expectations I had and was viral in a flash. Definitely something I’ll always remember. I guess I’ll have to frame the picture to hang up in my house now.”

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The picture has generated so much attention that Wage War have even released a limited edition T-shirt commemorating Blake's internet stardom. The shirt is a parody of those worn by the Chipotle employees, and states just what his sign says: “Why is guac extra?” You can view the shirt below, and purchase it here.

Chipotle was also forced to get in on the action after Blake stated that this was generating quite a bit of publicity for the chain, so a representative dished out “five free burrioto cards” to compensate, allowing him to get some prepaid guac for his upcoming visits. 

We've compiled a timeline below of Blake's tweets as he realized his newly found fame. Good to know this metal riffster has a good sense of humor.

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