Last night a mysterious countdown site went live at (which is now currently down), with the hashtag #TakeThePowerBack. The countdown is set to end on June 1, and many believe it is leading up to a Rage Against The Machine reunion. A fan-operated Rage Against The Machine account has tweeted about this countdown, but the band's official Facebook page and individual members have not made any related posts.  

Posters with the link and tag have since been spotted all over Rage Against The Machine's home town of Los Angeles, California, and famous LA radio station KROQ has started spreading the news of this countdown as well. “Take The Power Back” in this case likely refers to the Rage Against The Machine 1992 track of the same name, while “Prophets Of Rage” could be referring to the 1988 Public Enemy song. You can stay tuned here for further developments, and check out details of this countdown below.

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