The Walking Dead
[Photo via YouTube]

An emotional farewell video has been released paying homage to The Walking Dead’s leading actor, Andrew Lincoln. Confirmed to be leaving after Season 9, Lincoln’s character Rick Grimes was supposedly killed off in the latest Walking Dead episode.

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The death of Andrew Lincoln’s character was confirmed months ago. However, last week’s episode may have brought on the inevitable. In the scene below, Rick Grimes was thrown from a horse and impaled with a large metal stake, with walkers surrounding him at all sides.

It’s unlikely that he will make it out of this one, folks.

Lincoln’s character’s death likely occurred in Episode 4. However, his character is rumored to make another appearance in Episode 5 this Sunday.

As if the emotional turmoil of losing one of the show’s most favorite characters wasn’t enough, AMC decided to release a video bidding farewell to the beloved actor ahead of his final appearance.

“He’s like, one of my best friends ever,” costar Norman Reedus says. “He’s very, very dear to me and he has taught me to be a better father, a better friend, a better actor.”

Watch the full, tear-jerking video below.

The premiere of Season 9 of The Walking Dead did not pull the typical booming crowd. In fact, it is the first time since the show’s pilot in 2010 that the show has hit such low numbers. However, it still the top-rated show on U.S. cable in Sunday night, according to NME.

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