Vans Warped Tour is wonderful in so many waysstellar line-ups, countless merch tents and of course, band meet and greets. Just some of the many perks included with admission.

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Festival producer Kevin Lyman has taken to Twitter to remind concert-goers that they should not be charged for these additional tour benefits, and should look out for scammers trying to make a profit.

If someone approaches you before or during the tour trying to sell meet and greets with bands, don’t do it. Lyman encourages that fans reach out and let him know about people trying to scam the tour for extra cash.

“You should not be paying for meet and greets @VansWarpedTour let me know if someone charges you,” he writes.

This has not been the first scheme taking place during the tour, Lyman having to warn the bands themselves about the Green Kite scam just last week. Green Kite Records had been charging bands $500 to play a “stage” at Warped (aka under their merch tent).

If someone has tried to charge you for meet and greets, please reach out to Kevin Lyman on Twitter.

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