Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman releases statement regarding the Dickies controversy

June 30, 2017
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Following an incident involving the Dickies, who played a select run of dates on the 2017 Warped Tour, calling out a festival-goer on-stage, Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman has released a statement clarifying the facts surrounding the incident.

“Fact—it was not a fan, but a member of the touring party,” Lyman explains.

Read his statement in full below.

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Lyman's statement clarifies that it was not a fan, but rather a member of the touring party, that prompted frontman Leonard Graves Phillips' on-stage verbal response. Lyman explains that he does not “condone verbal or physical violence, whatsoever” after the crew member threw their protest sign at Phillips, which prompted his response captured in the video. Read Lyman's statement in full below:

Dear Music Community,

I thought it was time to put the facts out since I have watched false information floating around.  A video has been circulating of a confrontation between Leonard from the Dickies and a Fan.

    Fact- it was not a Fan, but a member of the touring party.

The member of the touring party was standing next to the PA with a sign protesting some of the things they found offensive about the bands jokes, and props on stage.  During one of the last songs they went towards the barricade and directed the sign at the band.

After a verbal barrage from Leonard, the member of the touring party threw the sign at Leonard, and left the area. I do not condone verbal or physical violence, whatsoever.

The Dickies, last day of the tour was that Sunday, which had always been scheduled.

These are the facts of what took place and this is why I ask anyone who has an issue with anyone else on tour, to come sit under my tent with me and express their views diplomatically. On this years tour we have many people who may not agree with each other, but as humans we should be able to express our points of view in a civil manner.  

If we have any hope to progress as a society, communication will be key in moving forward.


Kevin Lyman

Read the band's statement, and see the video posted to social media, here.

Written by AltPress