Finn Wolfhard in the Ninja Sex Party music video
[Photo by: Ninja Sex Party/YouTube]

Finn Wolfhard‘s latest role is unexpected, to say the least.

The Stranger Things star plays a younger version of Danny Sexbang in Ninja Sex Party’s latest music video.

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A.V. Club premiered the comedy duo’s video for “Danny Don’t You Know,” which shows Wolfhard as a teenage version of frontman Danny Sexbang.

Sexbang, obviously, is the alter ego of Dan Avidan, Ninja Sex Party’s singer.

The song’s off the group’s upcoming album, Cool Patrol, due out August 17.

Watch the hilarious music video below:

fans will have a little more Upside Down-inspired content to hold them over until Season 3 is released on Netflix.

Netflix and Dark Horse are teaming up to create a comic series that will follow the Stranger Things characters as they explore more of the Upside Down.

Dark Horse has released the cover for Stranger Things No. 1, which will follow Will Byers and the troubles he faced while in the Upside Down. Check out the three variant covers for issue one in Dark Horse’s Instagram post below.

The comic series isn’t the only Stranger Things spinoff happening right now. It was announced that a Stranger Things book series would be written by Gwenda Bond, and the story would focus on Eleven’s mother.

There will also be a Stranger Things video game, developed by Telltale—the creators of games inspired by The Walking Dead and Game Of Thrones.

Stranger Things also got renewed for a third season by Netflix, and a release date has not been announced, but it’s expected to be sometime in 2019. The Emmy-award winning show released its second season last October. The details of the third season are sparse, but the cast is expected to contain old favorites, such as Dad Steve Harrington and new characters.

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