Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat from All Time Low recently gave someone the surprise of a lifetime.

In a new episode of Crashed, the pair ducked in on a fan's dinner party—unexpectedly, of course.

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“We got to surprise her and hang out. There was like this rad chef who—we learned how to make some food for the evening. Then we all got to hang out and talk about how she got into doing what she's doing now,” Gaskarth explains. “It's really cool and really awesome to experience that.”

The episode premieres tomorrow (Feb. 9) here and on the go90 app. However, we've got a clip to get you excited. Check it out below!

Gaskarth continues: “They reached out and asked us if we would be interested in doing it, and it seemed like a fun thing and a fun way to interact with someone that was a fan of our music.

“I think that’s a huge honor. It was fun!”

“You know, it sort of inspired her to pursue one of her big dreams and that’s always an amazing thing to get to meet someone that you’ve had an impact on like that, when that’s been a driving factor in what they’ve decided to do in their lives.

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“I think that’s a huge honor. It was fun!”

For Crashed, Sony Music partnered with go90 and comedian/actor Joel McHale for what the team is calling a “surprise-and-delight show.”

New episodes premiere every Thursday! Be on the look out for some more fun pop culture icons and musicians coming soon.


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