Earlier this week, Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce announced his new web series called Daddy Diaries—an inside look at his rockstar and dad life.

The first five episodes have been released, and the first saw Bruce open up about Asking Alexandria's recent reunion with original frontman Danny Worsnop. Watch it all below.

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“Having Danny back in Asking Alexandria means so much to me on multiple different levels. It means that I get one of my best friends in the world back in my life, it means the band is whole again—that's way it started and the way it always should have been, really,” Bruce says in the episode, called “Welcome Back Danny.”

Not only that, but the episode features footage of Bruce, Worsnop and From First To Last's Matt Good in the recording studio.

In a recent interview with KFMX in Lubbock, Texas, Asking Alexandria drummer James Cassells appears to confirm that new music with Worsnop is actually coming.

“I think in the coming year, we're really going to get ourselves in the studio and start working on new material. We already have—Ben and me and the guys, we are constantly writing music,” Cassells said. “But we are actually going to go get in the studio with Danny, go lock ourselves away for a bit and really work on some great new material for people.”

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Daddy Diaries chronicles Bruce, his girlfriend Ciara and their charming daughter, Fae Holley Bruce, who was born on September 10. You can tune in on Bruce's YouTube channel, BenBruceMedia.

Bruce announced the return of Worsnop on Oct. 21 in a live Facebook video. In that video, Bruce says, “We have parted ways with [former frontman] Denis [Stoff], and there are a number of reasons for that.”

He ends with, “Asking Alexandria is back to the way we started with the original fucking members.”

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

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