Watch Black Veil Brides members get rescued from the ocean by lifeguards

May 16, 2014
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Black Veil Brides members Jake Pitts and Jinxx had a tough time in the water at Bondi Beach in Australia. So much so that they ended up on lifeguard recuse show Bondi Rescue. The lifeguard who pulled the rockers out of the water mistook them for girls, and his description of the band is priceless:

“The fellas were from a rough band—the Black Veil Brides. It kind of suits, because we did think they were both female when we went to do the rescue.”

Apparently, Jinxx had a rougher time than Pitts, who made sure to offer a lesson of the seas:

“The ocean is healing, yet deadly. You have to know how to handle it.

Watch the episode of Bondi Rescue below. (Skip to 2:30 for the part with the Brides.)

Written by Matt Crane