Last night, at their show in Los Angeles, Brand New reportedly handed out lyrics to a new song at their merch table. Then, as an encore, they played it for the first time ever.

Frontman Jesse Lacey gave some commentary before the track, in which he touched on what went behind some of the band's new music: “So, we've been writing music and sometimes it's real hard to write songs. It takes forever. You just kinda' sit around and think about it, and you try it out and it doesn't work. Then, other times, you try it out again and you like it and then a couple weeks later you hate the thing you did. We're a real mess like that, that's why it takes us so long to write music.”

Later on he also spoke on his personal life and how it has correlated to Brand New: “I've been a real difficult person to be around most of my life. I kinda' feel real hypocritical being up here sometimes, pretending I know about stuff when the stuff I might know about I don't really apply to my life enough. I've had to learn a lot in the last couple years, and [a majority] of that has been about finding a person that [means] a lot to me and getting married and realizing what commitment is about and loving people. I realized how difficult I've been to people: My wife, my band, my friends and my family. It's hard being 37 a learning a lot of hard lessons that you should've learned when you were 17, but I'm learning 'em, I guess. And this song is about that. This is for all those people who have been dealing with me for so long. I love them a lot. So, if you could bear with me, this is the first time I've ever played this in front of people.”

You can watch a fan-shot video of the song and Jesse's pre-track commentary below.

If you're a Brand New fan, the past two weeks have been like Christmas.

First, on Friday, April 3, the first of many lyric booklets for Brand New's seminal album, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me, was received. In case you're not familiar, the booklet that actually comes with the physical CD version of The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me doesn't contain any lyrics, but rather a handful of seemingly random photos and phrases. Near the end of the pamphlet, however, there is a sentence that contains an address, which reads: “Please send $1 to *address* for a complete copy of the lyrics.”

These new booklets contain more than just the album's lyrics, however, as they also boast a flyer serving as “confirmation” of those beloved Brand New demos from 2005 finally being released, a dollar bill and a few other goodies.

Then, last Wednesday, April 8, the band deleted every post on their Instagram and put up a new promo picture.

Finally, earlier this week, the released their first new song in six years, “Mene.”