As you more than likely know—either as fans of the film franchise or as someone whose social media was blown up with constant reminders—yesterday was October 21, 2015, a day dubbed as “Back To The Future Day” due to the significance of the date in relation to the 1989 sequel Back to the Future Part II. Between Pepsi Perfect going on sale, Nike's power-laced Mags being seen in action and USA Today's excellent front-page headlines, the world over showed its collective love for the iconic sci-fi franchise and its beloved characters.

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Speaking of the film's characters, the two leads, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night in their DeLorean time machine…in character. Confused by their whereabouts, in time and location, Kimmel had to coach Marty McFly and Doc Brown a bit on 2015 and all that has changed since 1985. They cover selfies, Donald Trump, emoticons and the fact that flying cars never became a reality. Huey Lewis drops by, too. You should check it all out below. This is heavy.

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