Nostalgia time! In honor of Saosin reuniting with former singer Anthony Green, it’s time for a Warped Tour flashback. In 2004, after Green had left Saosin, the band found themselves without a singer for the Vans Warped Tour. (The band had yet to recruit second vocalist Cove Reber.) Philip Sneed, from Story Of The Year, would save the day—stepping up and taking Green’s place on vocals.

Below, you can watch fan-shot footage of most of the band’s Warped set, performing the Translating The Name EP (and “Mookie's”) in its entirety. It’s hard to believe this all took place nearly 10 years ago. The footage captures the band at such an early point in their career, they were playing the SmartPunk stage—one of Warped Tour’s smallest. Meanwhile, SOTY’s “Anthem Of Our Dying Day” was a major radio hit. Check out the footage below, and let us know what you think.

“Seven Years”

“Lost Symphonies”

“Mookie's Last Christmas”

“3rd Measurment In C”

“Translating The Name”