Gerard Way's “No Shows” video, released last month, is a psychedelic, analog homage to television variety shows directed by Jennifer Juniper Stratford (Telefantasy Studio).

Because of its unique look which stands in stark contrast next to the digitally pristine, darkened videos you're used to seeing, we're excited to share this new making of the video.

“We agreed that to do 'No Shows,' we had to kind of go beyond a music video and instead fuse comic book world and some kind of new realm with the energy of the musician,” Stratford said of the video, which was shot on tape, in a recent commentary.

“We kind of wanted to just pull away from this trend in music videos where there's this really dramatic kind of overarching narrative and instead just kind of celebrate what musicians do best, which is perform.”

Go behind the scenes of Pink Station Zero, from the makeup room creation of the characters to the set and beyond, with this new video by Claire Marie Vogel.

“No Shows” is the first single from Way's upcoming debut album Hesitant Alien. While pre-orders which include a handmade zine from the former My Chemical Romance frontman sold out recently, the album is still available to purchase via Way's online store and digital retailers. 
Gerard Way Hesitant AlientNot sure if you're willing to pre-order just yet? AP's Editor In Chief recommended the album with a four-star review we posted yesterday. Check it out for not only our take on the album, but exclusive lyrics.