Watch Trash Talk’s bassist knock down a flying video drone with a beer can during their set

August 12, 2014
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It seems as though Los Angeles, CA's Trash Talk have become somewhat known for the crazy and unique happenings that go on at their shows.

Just this past weekend the band performed at a free show in Detroit, Michigan where, apparently, someone was hired to film the show via a quad copter video-drone. For one reason or another, as the drone neared the stage, Trash Talk bassist Spencer Pollard began tossing beer bottles at it, and on his third attempt, knocked it out of the air. Fortunately, the drone didn't land on anyone and nobody was injured.

You can watch footage of the copter being hit out of the air directly from the drone itself below. 

Have you been to a Trash Talk show before? Did anything out of the ordinary happen?

Written by AltPress