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There's nothing like seeing the Warped Tour community come together during a time of need. 

A family emergency forced Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy to fly home from Warped Tour, but vocalists and team members from other bands, including vocalists from Being As An Ocean, Knocked Loose and Movements, were quick to step in for Counterparts' Kansas Warped set. 

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Short notice didn't stop the fill-in vocalists from going all in—in fact, it only made them work harder:

The Movements team, vocalist Patrick Miranda and TM Joshua Suaverdez, were both on deck and ready to assist:


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As well as Bryan Garris and Isaac Hale of Knocked Loose:

By the looks of it, the set turned out seriously amazing, even without Murphy:


for @counterpartsband :rose:

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And they'll be doing it all over again today in Dallas. We'll update you with videos as soon as we have it! Best of luck, boys, and our thoughts go out to Brendan Murphy.

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