Waterparks 2017
[Photo by: Jawn Rocha]

Waterparks are teasing a movie based off their album Entertainment and from the looks of it, the record’s touring cycle.

The band tweeted a teaser trailer for Entertainment The Movie complete with live footage from shows, videos of fans and some behind-the-scenes footage we’ve never seen before.

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“THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT,” the tweet reads.

Many fans in the responses couldn’t believe that the band is actually putting out a movie. You can see what they tweeted below.

There’s no release date announced yet, so we’ll have to wait to hear more information from the band in the future.

Other Waterparks news

Well, Waterparks are at it again with the cryptic teasers that look like algebra equations, leaving fans in utter confusion as they attempt to decipher its meaning.

Could we possibly be getting a new Waterparks song during Slam Dunk Festival?

After allegedly deleting the entirety of rumored album Friendly Reminder, fans have come up with a plethora of conspiracy theories as to what the next era of the band could entail.

A very cryptic and confusing tweet posted by the band last month ignited theories consisting of constellations and fruit bowls.

Last night, Waterparks dropped a new tweet that looked more like one of those math equations we all dreaded.

“17 [R] 5 / S7PM F 2+” the band tweets following by the tangerine emoji and the link to Slam Dunk Music Festival.

The band also included a very short video that fans immediately recognized as the alleged song “Turbulent.”

Are Waterparks playing “Turbulent” at Slam Dunk?

And of course, no cryptic tweet would be complete without a comment from Awsten Knight.

Slam Dunk takes place Saturday, May 25 in Leeds and Sunday, May 26 in Hatfield where Waterparks are set to play the Monster Energy stage.

Are you excited for Entertainment The Movie? Sound off in the comments below!

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