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Over the past few weeks, Waterparks have been sharing some cryptic teasers pertaining to their new music.

Now, it looks like fans are divided over what Waterparks are actually calling their fourth studio album.

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Over the past year, Waterparks have been cranking out plenty of new content. Back in September, Awsten Knight first teased the beginning of the end of the FANDOM era when he cut off his green hair. Not too long after, Waterparks dropped “Lowkey As Hell.” The track is the band’s first release since the debut of their third full-length album which was later accompanied by remixes of “Dream Boy” and “Telephone.”

Now, it looks like Waterparks are finally ready to kick off their next album era. This week, the band shared a cryptic teaser that has sent fans into a frenzy. The short clip features a bright orange liquid absorbing the vibrations of an unheard song. The cryptic video is accompanied by the caption, “GREATEST HITS, ALBUM 4.”


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This latest teaser has led many fans to believe Waterparks’ next album is called GREATEST HITS. The album name would make sense for a few reasons. To start, “GREATEST HITS” is currently in Waterparks’ Twitter bio.

waterparks twitter
[Photo via @waterparks on Twitter]
As well, their website landing page officially says GREATEST HITS. When fans click on the landing page, they are taken to a Spotify and Apple Music pre-save link, further hinting that new music is on the way.

waterparks website-min
[Photo via waterparksband.com]
As we all know, Waterparks’ album are released in alphabetical order. So far, the band have released 2016’s Double Dare, 2018’s Entertainment and 2019’s FANDOM. This means that “g” will be the first letter of Waterparks’ next album.

However, a few new clues have some fans convinced GREATEST HITS isn’t actually the title of Waterparks’ next album. As it turns out, some theorize the upcoming LP is actually called “Graffiti.” Why? Well, Awsten and Waterparks have shared various social media clues that have led to this theory. On Tuesday, Awsten posted a tweet with the phrase “graffiti.”

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Earlier this month, Waterparks’ social media bios also briefly said “GRAFFITI” before being replaced with “GREATEST HITS.”

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At the end of last month, Awsten even tweeted a photo with the words, “GRAFFITI HEAD.”

So far, Waterparks have remained rather cryptic about what the real title of their next album actually is. However, one fan has pointed out that, in the past, Awsten has actually revealed the titles of Waterparks’ albums before they were officially announced. So, it’s possible the real name of their fourth studio album is already out there.

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In the meantime, Waterparks fans are still divided over what the upcoming album may really be called. Is it GREATEST HITS? Is it GRAFFITI?

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What do you think Waterparks’ new album is actually called? Let us know in the comments below.