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Fans theorize Waterparks’ “We Need To Talk” video is connected to previous releases

Fans believe the latest Waterparks video could be connected with other videos.

July 9, 2018
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Waterparks have released a new video, and fans have theorized it’s the third in a row about Awsten Knight’s breakup with Ciara Hanna.

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The newest video for “We Need To Talk” is darker than previous videos. Knight’s girlfriend turns him into a zombie after performing some kind of ritual, which is quite a turn.

The video seems to be connected with the videos for “Lucky People” and “Not Warriors/Crybaby,” all songs off Waterparks’ latest album Entertainment. Listen to the album here

“Lucky People” was the first of the three to be released, and features Knight walking around wrapping himself in Christmas lights.

Fans think that the song was written when Knight and Hanna were together, but the video was shot after the breakup. This would explain the contrast between a happy song with such a sad video.

Then, in the video for “Not Warriors/Crybaby,” there appear to be some symbols of Knight getting over his breakup and dealing with his sadness.

For this Waterparks video, fans believe it was a way for Knight to literally burn down everything associated with his past relationship and attempt to make sense of it. It also features a yellow car, which seems to be connected with Hanna’s role as the yellow Power Ranger in Power Rangers Megaforce.

Photo via YouTube screenshot

Photo via YouTube screenshot

The latest video for “We Need To Talk” features Knight as a zombie after he fights with the woman he’s with. The video conveniently features white Christmas lights as seen in “Lucky People” and the yellow car that gets destroyed in “Not Warriors/Crybaby.”

Photo via YouTube screenshot



Check out the latest video for “We Need To Talk” below.


Knight posted the video on Twitter, hinting at the “layers and details” involved in it.


Tell us your theory about Waterparks! What do you think the new video means?



Written by Alex Darus