Waterparks have just released a stunning new music video for “21 Questions,” an impassioned, acoustic guitar-driven track from their 2016 debut album, Double Dare. Check out the band's new “21 Questions” video below!

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The newest Waterparks clip starts in stark, black-and-white sincerity—with singer-guitarist Awsten Knight front and center for most of the video—before an explosion of color occurs and bandmates Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood join in on the effervescent jam for an awesomely explosive finish.

Last month, Waterparks dropped by the 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards to perform the catchy Double Dare cut “Stupid For You”—check that out here. Of course, the band practically one-upped their own APMAs win for Best Breakthrough Artist by showing up to the awards show draped in shrubbery.

What's your favorite Double Dare track? Give it a go in the comments.

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