[Photo by: Jawn Rocha/YouTube]

Although every all-caps social media post from Waterparks' Awsten Knight is a work of art in and of itself, diehard Blonde Jovi fans may still be wondering about this Instagram post from over the holidays in which Knight received a mass of hair from 'parks photographer Jawn Rocha.

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“BFF GAVE ME HIS HAIR FOR CHRISTMAS OMG CUTE,” Knight caps-locked into the internet back in January, posing with Rocha and the freshly cut stash of the photog's dark red mane. Now, Rocha is sharing a video clip of the Christmas hair bestowal in question—watch it below, and stay peeled for some slo-mo fireworks shots of Knight at the end of the vid.

“Over the holidays, I gifted Awsten a considerable amount of my hair and he posted about it without much context leaving a lot of people amused/concerned,” Rocha says of the hair gift. “Well, yesterday I released a short video about the event and I wanted to share it with you guys.”

Hairing is caring:

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