[Photo by: LIL KIDZ BOP/Soundcloud]

Ah, Lil Kidz Bop. You know, that project featuring our Waterparks favorites? There’s word surfacing that Awsten Knight has a side project, and we’re wondering if it’s a Lil Kidz Bop full album. Because of course.

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Our suspicions were piqued when we saw Sleep On It’s Jake Marquis share a little hint towards Knight’s fire side project…

And we weren’t the ONLY ones who thought that it might just be a Lil Kidz Bop reunion:

And for those folks who aren’t familiar, Lil Kidz Bop was the band’s electronic/rap/etc. project that's truly one of a kind. Listen to “You’re A Wizard Harry,” just to get an idea as to what Lil Kidz Bop is all about.

Or, you know, “Sloopy Pooty,” because uh, yeah.

We’re genuinely interested in what said side project might be, and if it happens to be new Lil Kids Bop, we’re down.

What are you hoping to hear with Awsten’s side project? Let us know in the comments below!