Watership Down
[Photo via YouTube]

Gear up for Watership Down to traumatize your family just as it did to you way back in the day. Everyone’s least favorite film about bunny rabbits has finally hit streaming services.

Originally released in 1978, the animated film about seemingly harmless rabbits took viewers on a journey through life, death, religion, communism (maybe?), environmentalism and gore.

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The reboot came to BBC this month. The series stars James McAvoy as Hazel and Nicholas Hoult as his estranged younger brother, Fiver.

Additionally, the mini-series has been available on Netflix since Dec. 23.

Judging from the trailer, the television series seems to keep some of the film’s gory tendencies. However, many people are not sold on its animation-style.

Check out the first official trailer for the television series below.

Just for kicks, here’s a video counting all of the death scenes in the original Watership Down. According to the video, the film averages about 1.4 deaths per minute. Happy watching!

In 1978, the book got an animated adaptation. However, parents were outraged over the film’s violence and mature content.

While the film’s audience remains contested, it’s marketing strategy appealed to younger viewers. Ever since Watership Down has been regarded as one of the creepiest children’s films ever made.

The new mini-series is the second time Watership Down has been adapted to television. The show’s first effort ran from 1999 to 2001. However, because of the film’s initial violent aura, the series was watered down (no pun intended) and lost a lot of its creepy appeal.

Will you be watching the Watership Down television series? What are your memories associated with the original film? Sound off in the comments below.

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