My Chemical Romance founder Gerard Way appeared on the Nerdist Podcast, where he talked about going to art school, the early days of MCR, trends and cycles in music and his work in comics. 

Way explores the early days of My Chem–before skinny jeans for men even existed and he was rocking Women's GAP and doing his makeup in sketchy truckstop bathrooms as a reaction to the “T-shirt and Jeans” rock culture that had been thriving before them–through the end, about which he says, “I didn’t really realize what kind of cultural impact we had.” 

Way goes on to reassure fans that the former members of the band are on good terms:

“It doesn’t mean [breaking up] wasn’t painful. We all do care about each other. It’s nothing dramatic. It was time. We still stay in touch. We like each other and are excited to see what each other do.”

Listen to the full podcast on the Nerdist website.


Way is currently working on a new musical venture for which, he told Nerdist, he pushed aside a “dream gig” working on a major comic. (No, not Batman.) “My guitar was sitting there,” he said, “and I couldn't stop.”

Issue three of The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys is out this Wednesday, August 14.